Game-based Rehabilitation Experiences to Augment Therapy

We are working on the design and evaluation of a suite of movement-based games for gait rehabilitation. Each game addresses different aspects of the therapy and can be configured for the skills and characteristics of a specific patient. Our ultimate goal is to be able to offer the right game with the right settings for any patient in any stage of their rehabilitation.

The games are played on a LED video floor by LedGoBV. The platform detects the position of the feet of patients using pressure sensors in the 8 meter long LED video floor. With this information we created several games for training straight walking, starting and stopping, sudden turns, and “dual task” exercises with cognitive distractions.

Highights of first pilot studies

  • Trains gait performance in an intuitive way
  • Enjoyed to exhaustion by young and old
  • Almost all patients were motivated and showed competitive behavior
  • Pediatric patients demonstrated no fear
  • Sometimes longer walking distances without pain compared to conventional therapy